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Lucas Stephan Gauthier

District 3 Candidate: Lucas Stephan Gauthier

Candidate Questions and Answers


Do you currently hold another public office?


Do you have any affiliations with the Albuquerque Public Schools?



Are you available to attend board meetings on the first and third Wednesday nights of the month at 5:00 p.m. and special board meetings at additional times?


Additionally, there are five board committees that mostly meet once a month at 7:30 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m., or 5:00 p.m. Are you available to attend all committee meetings? Board committees are committees of the whole, which means that all board members attend all committee meetings.

Maybe.  I work 8-5 Mon-Fri, I can/will petition my employer for "Community Service" time for voluntary service.

Periodically, the board must meet during daytime hours for board meetings, budget hearings, and luncheons. Are you available during daytime hours for these activities?

Still a maybe, I will ask nicely.

In addition to regularly scheduled meetings, the board minimally requires approximately 20-25 hours a week in reading, researching, miscellaneous meetings, school visits, telephone calls, and e-mail correspondence; many board members spend much more time than that. Can your schedule accommodate the extra time involved in serving as a member of the Board of Education?



Answers should be brief and concise.

Why do you want to be a board member for Albuquerque Public Schools?

I have 2 kids and I am concerned about our community's future, in a recent personal project I learned how bad the state ranks not only in education but opportunity and that 25% of youth in NM are disconnected. As a member of the Board I offer 14 years knowledge and experience in government and government finance, as a CFO, Contract Manager, and Procurement Manager. 

What is your interest in education?

My interest in education ... We learn all throughout our lives, but the K-12 grades are the most formative years not just for Reading, Math, Science, but social skills, relationship building, and personality development. Kids need to achieve and its our job to help them. 

In what ways will you support the mission and vision of the district?

"The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education in collaboration with the superintendent and staff will work together and in partnership with families and the community in a systematic way to ensure that all students succeed."
It's a team effort and I like to win.

How will you work with the superintendent?

I hope that we develop a close working relationship and that we can improve the educational experience for our kids as well as the working environment of our educators. 

What is your past and current involvement with Albuquerque Public Schools?

I attended and graduated from Highland Highschool 1995-1996.

What should be the relationship between the superintendent and Board of Education?

"The Board of Education shall lead a unified team with the superintendent, each from their respective roles with strong collaboration and mutual trust.
The superintendent has the authority and responsibility of administering the district and the development of procedures to implement each policy of the Board of Education.

The superintendent has the authority and responsibility to employ, fix salaries of assign, terminate or discharge all employees of the school district, according to New Mexico State Statutes"

This is what's posted on your website, seems solid. It's the Board's responsibility to communicate with the Superintendent, trust but verify.

What qualities and skills would you bring to the Board of Education?

I am experienced in Government finance and administration, as a former Deputy City Clerk I am very familiar with boards and commissions functions. I believe I offer a reasonable person view to most situations. I consider that I am fair and impartial in decision making, I weigh out options and consider pros/cons. I listen.

What school or community volunteer activities have you participated in related to the community?

I have served the community with assistance to the homeless, through both volunteer and donations to local shelters. I am active in my church and will begin teaching Sunday school this fall.

How do you plan to work with constituents?

As the District 3 Representative I will share constituent concerns/comments with the board. If it is an administrative issue or a student/teacher issues. I will direct them to whom will best serve them. I will not involve myself in administrative duties, that isn't a Board Members' role. 

What do you see as opportunities and challenges to the district?

The biggest opportunity is getting the state's largest school district to rise above the challenges that have brought the state to its' current ranking of 50th in the nation. NM is filled with impressionable and bright young people, we need to figure out what we can do to help them shine. Perhaps implementing models of education that have helped other states thrive. Or perhaps doing something new and out of the box.

What do you think is the best way for the district to accomplish the district’s goals?

• Albuquerque Public Schools will provide equitable access and opportunity in a safe and supportive environment that addresses the individual needs of students.
- A survey of students, staff, and parents, assess and address needs and concerns.

• Albuquerque Public Schools will align the work of schools and departments and create a system of high-quality accountability for instruction, social, emotional and physical health and safety.
- The Board can do this through policy, direction, and accountability of the administration.

• Albuquerque Public Schools will create a clear direction for efficient and effective operations to better serve students and improve staff morale.
- Will ... This means it should currently be in place. The Board is in charge of policy, if policy needs to be amended to dictate change then it should be evaluated and executed.

• Albuquerque Public Schools will improve all modes of communications to better inform and engage the Albuquerque community invested in public education.
- APS has a Communications Office, if there is a deficiency then the Administration shall be directed to address the issue.

If elected, how will you work with the current board?

When elected, I will work with the Board as a member of the team, sharing ideas, getting creative, and speaking up for what is in the best interests of the community.


School Board Candidate Questionnaire for District 3 from The Paper

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