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Posted: January 19, 2024

Helping Our Students Succeed Through Expanded Tutoring

In his weekly message, Superintendent Elder discusses the district’s expanded partnership with Paper to provide 24/7 tutoring services for students.

Student with computer

Student with computer

Happy Friday, everyone!

Before Winter Break, we made a big push to let our families know we now have tutoring services available for students in third through twelfth grade, 24 hours a day, seven days a week through Paper. This is a great tool, particularly as we work to improve academic outcomes, and I encourage you to talk to your students and their parents about the free tutoring.  

Please remind parents and guardians that they will need to opt into the 24/7 tutoring in order for their children to access it.

Paper provides live tutoring in any subject. Tutors work individually with students to help them master concepts, improve their writing, and facilitate the completion of their coursework through a secure chat-based platform.

But the company’s services extend beyond help with math and history homework. For students who have fallen behind or those who just want to get ahead, Paper can help. 

Paper Missions, for example, offers interactive games for students to refine their math and vocabulary skills. Paper Reading listens to students as they read aloud, and it gives them immediate feedback. MajorClarity by Paper helps students explore different career paths and research academic institutions, among other things.

And then there’s the Review Center, an invaluable tool for students trying to improve their writing skills. Students submit their writing to the Review Center and get feedback on everything from essays to lab reports. High schoolers applying for scholarships and college can use the Review Center to help them with their resumes and college essays.

We’ve been working with Paper since April, but up until December, Paper tutors were only available to our students during school hours. We are now making the free service available to students all the time if they have their parent’s OK.

The parental permission process for students to access the 24/7 live tutoring service is designed to ensure a seamless and secure experience for both students and their parents or guardians.

Upon logging into ParentVue, parents can generate a parental acknowledgment that grants their students access to Paper Education's Live Chat tutoring services. This acknowledgment is available in seven languages.

Parents or guardians can also visit any of their children's schools, where they can log into their ParentVue account or sign a paper copy of the acknowledgment, presenting identification for verification purposes. Paper's live tutoring will be available in a week or less after verified acknowledgment.

Students will then be able to access Live Help by logging in through Classlink at and clicking the Paper icon.

I’ve been hearing good things about Paper from many of you in the classroom, and I want to make sure all of our students and their families know it’s available to them. Please help us get the word out about this free tutoring service. 

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!