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Posted: November 17, 2023

Counting the Blessings in My Life

In his weekly message, Superintendent Scott Elder reflects on the things he’s grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Superintendent Scott Elder

Superintendent Scott Elder

I can't believe we’re already getting ready to break for Thanksgiving.

Time seems to be flying. That’s what happens when you’re busy, and we’ve certainly been busy at Albuquerque Public Schools between the rollout of our Emerging Stronger strategic plan, the recent board and mill levy election, the launch of our new Skills, Habits, and Mindsets Survey for students, and so many other important initiatives and projects. It’s been a productive fall semester, and that’s due to your hard work.

There’s no better time than Thanksgiving to stop and take stock of the things we’re grateful for. Please indulge me, because I’m going to share my list.

I’m thankful for everyone in our community who has stepped up to help those in need. Thank you to all of the students who organized food drives at their schools and who will be at APS headquarters on Saturday delivering that non-perishable food and collecting even more donations from the community to help fellow students experiencing homelessness or who are otherwise struggling.

While I’m at it, I’m also grateful to the folks at our McKinney-Vento program and those at our food warehouse and clothing bank who dedicate themselves each and every day to helping our most vulnerable students.

I’m grateful to the voters who approved our 2-mill levy, ensuring that APS will have the money needed to continue improving security infrastructure at schools, fix roofs and faulty cooling and heating units, and provide musical instruments to students, to name a few. 

I’m thankful to all of our students for their resilience and for all of the amazing things they’re doing both inside and outside the classroom. From racking up college credits and exploring careers in the trades to immersing themselves in STEAM activities and participating in marketing campaigns, our students are laying the foundation for incredible futures.  

I’m grateful for our teachers, educational assistants, counselors, school nurses, secretaries, principals, cooks, custodians, and all the other school employees who show up every day to do their part to educate and nurture our students. And I’m grateful for every other APS employee doing the behind-the-scenes work that enables our district to function.

I’m thankful to my administrative team for the many hours they put in each and every day as they work to implement our strategic plan and deal with so many other important issues. And I’m thankful for the members of our Board of Education who volunteer their time and are working hard to improve APS.

I’m grateful for my 33-year career at APS and the difference I’ve been able to make over those years.

Finally, I’m grateful for my wife, Deborah, my sons Sam and David, and the rest of my family for putting up with me and my crazy schedule.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you! In the words of some greeting card writer somewhere, “May your blessings be many, your troubles be few and your Thanksgiving be wonderful.”