Troy Hughes

Associate Superintendent, Leadership and Learning Zone 4

Troy HughesTroy Hughes

Contact: (505) 880-2589,

Troy Hughes is the Associate Superintendent for Leadership and Learning Zone 4, consisting of Eldorado, Del Norte, La Cueva, and Sandia high schools and their feeder schools.

Schools in Learning Zone 4
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Del Norte High School
  • Del Norte High
  • Cleveland Middle
  • McKinley Middle
  • Arroyo del Oso Elementary
  • Bel-Air Elementary
  • E.G. Ross Elementary
  • Gov. Bent Elementary
  • Hodgin Elementary
  • Zuni Magnet Elementary
Eldorado High School
  • Eldorado High
  • Eisenhower Middle
  • Hoover Middle
  • Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary
  • John Baker Elementary
  • Matheson Park Elementary
  • Mitchell Elementary
  • Onate Elementary
  • S.Y. Jackson Elementary
La Cueva High School
  • La Cueva High
  • Desert Ridge Middle
  • Dennis Chavez Elementary
  • Double Eagle Elementary
  • Hubert Humphrey Elementary
  • North Star Elementary
Sandia High School
  • Sandia High
  • Grant Middle
  • Madison Middle
  • Bellehaven Elementary
  • Comanche Elementary
  • Janet Kahn Magnet Elementary
  • Inez Magnet Elementary
  • Osuna Elementary
  • Sombra del Monte Elementary