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Website Training

The Web Team hosts educational training on the Plone CMS, School Loop, and Accessibility. Plone is used for APS department sites, and School Loop is used for school sites.

Department Sites and Intranet

Plone is the content management system used for APS department sites on and the Intranet.

School Websites

School Loop is the content management system used for school websites.


Accessibility is the practice of making a website usable by as many people as possible, and applies to all web content authored and circulated for use by the District.

Siteimprove (Online)

Online accessibility training is offered through Siteimprove for all department and school webmasters. Contact the Web Team to activate your user account. You must have a Plone or SchoolLoop account to be eligible for a Siteimprove user account.

  1. Login to Siteimprove (Webmasters: Contact the Web Team to active your user account)
  2. Navigate to the Help Center at the top right of your screen, and open the dropdown.
  3. Click Academy at the bottom of the Help Center dropdown.
  4. Your Learner Dashboard will open in a new window. Select Course Library in the top navigation bar to see available courses.
  5. Click on a course:
    1. General Digital Accessibility Basics (highly recommended)
    2. Using the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform for Digital Accessibility (highly recommended)
    3. General Digital Analytics Basics (optional)
    4. SEO Fundamentals (optional)
  6. Select Start this Course to automatically assign the course to yourself and add it to your to-do list.

After completing a course, access your completion certificate in the Achievements tab. 


The Web Team will accommodate in-person training requests for departments or groups of 5-10 people. Please contact the Web Team with your availability.

Google Sites

Google Sites are discussed in the Google for Education training through the Educational Technology Team. The Web Team does not offer this training. In this session, teachers are trained on how to use a range of Google Assets, including Google Sites.

For further information, contact the Educational Technology department.


If you're not finding what you need, please contact us to suggest a new training.