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Deactivating Teacher Accounts

Instructions for removing Teacher accounts from School Loop.

Deactivating Teachers

1. Log into School Loop

2. From your Portal page, go to User Management and hover over the Teachers dropdown, and click Teachers
    to see the list of active accounts.

3. Click on the name of the user you want to deactivate.

  • Determine whether the account was activated with their Active Directory login or registered manually.
  • If the listed login name is an employee ID number, the account was activated with their Active Directory credentials.
  • If the listed login name is NOT their employee ID number, the user’s account was registered manually.
  • Click Cancel to return to the previous list of active accounts.

4. Delete a teacher by selecting DELETE next to their name. 

5. Click DELETE again to confirm your choice on the following screen.

6. If the teacher was registered manually, clicking delete is all you need to do in order to remove their account
    from School Loop.

7. To deactivate all teacher accounts, remove all the ID numbers from the list and replace it with an “x” before
    clicking Submit.

8. To check that the teacher was successfully deactivated, hover over Activate Users and select Activate Staff 
    from the dropdown.

9. The deactivated teacher should now appear on the staff list as INACTIVE.

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