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Activating Teacher Accounts

Users with teacher accounts can create classroom pages and post assignments for students.


Activating accounts for teachers who appear in the Activate Staff list from Active Directory.

  1. Log in to School Loop.
  2. From your Portal, hover over Activate Users and select Activate Staff from the dropdown.
  3. Verify that the teachers appear on the list (if they do not appear on the list, follow the instructions under Registering Users Manually)
  4. Copy the usernames (i.e., employee ID) of the teachers you're activating somewhere (e.g., Word document or notepad)
  5. Hover over Activate Users and select Activate Teachers from the dropdown.
  6. Click Upload Teacher User Names.
  7. Type each teacher's six-digit employee ID number (in this format: e012345) on its own line (make sure you add zeros after the e to ensure everyone has six digits).
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Click Submit again to activate the accounts.

After activating users, webmasters must update the directory element on the staff listing page to make the changes visible on the school website. See Updating Directory Elements.

Note: If you have a System Admin account, do not activate yourself as a teacher; you will lose the ability to manage user accounts.
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