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Auditing your School Loop Website

The handy guide below outlines the APS Web Team's criteria for annually auditing your website.


Things to check on the homepage of each site:

  • Slideshow: make sure all images are properly and consistently sized and that it contains appropriate images.
  • District News/Events: make sure the APS District News and Events are on the homepage in the right column.
  • APS Logo: make sure the APS apple logo is in the footer and that it links to the district site
  • APS Contact info: make sure the district contact information is in the footer next to the apple logo
  • Contact Us: make sure the last link in the top navigation is the Contact Us section

Emergency Banners

Log into School Loop and check that the two emergency banners are embedded on your homepage.

There should be two red emergency banners at the top of the homepage.

  • APS Alert
  • School Alert

If the banners say anything different (or are a different color), please click the pencil icon to edit. Make sure in the Optional Styles window that it says Alert Container: One. All other issues, contact the APS Web Team.

Teacher Sites

Go to the Contact Us section and open each teacher site.

  • Make sure that there is no inappropriate images, text, or links.
  • Do a link check for those that are broken. Let the teacher know so they can fix them

Other Sections / Pages

Click through all the internal pages.

  • Check for broken links, and outdated and inappropriate content
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