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Embedding a fundraising tool on teacher websites through

The APS Education Foundation is continuing to work with Kleo, an education funds management company, to provide teachers, administrators, and schools with a way to raise money at Last school year we worked with the folks from Kleo to make it easier for school webmasters to implement this tool on classroom websites. This gives teachers the ability to raise money for their classroom tangibles that will affect learning outcomes and provide an easy-to-use platform to connect to their community.
It takes less than five minutes to register and create an account though the website. All APS administrators and teachers can create accounts, and the tool allows teachers to contact friends, parents, supporters through the internet to ask for donations online. Click here to learn more about this fundraising tool.

Once a teacher has an account in School Loop, the widget can be added to their classroom website, allowing visitors to donate money directly to their classroom/project account in real time. To implement the widget on School Loop classroom pages, follow the steps below:


    1.  Get the embed code for the school that you would like to setup the Kleo fundraising widgets.


    1. Select the school from the School dropdown menu


  1. Click GO
  2. Use this report to copy Widget HTML for each teacher website

  3. Open a new browser window
  4. Log in to School Loop
  5. Click on Webmaster Center in the Toolbox

  6. Under Navigation Manager, click on Faculty/Staff Sites

  7. Scroll through the sites and select the site you wish to add HTML to
  8. Click the green plus icon to add an element
  9. Select Custom HTML

  10. Paste the HTML into to the text box

  11. Click Save & Exit
  12. Below is an image of a sample teacher fundraising widget.