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Posting News & Events

School loop allows you to post events to the calendars on your website. Calendar events can be posted in several different places:

  • The website homepage calendar
  • Your personal calendar (in School Loop)
  • Staff calendars (if you have the appropriate permissions)

Posting to Homepage Calendars 

To add events to the school calendar (homepage):
  1. Log in to School Loop
  2. Click on Webmaster Center
  3. Click on the Homepage
  4. Scroll down and click Add Event above the calendar
  5. Click Homepage under the audience box if you want the event to appear on your homepage
  6. Fill out the event details
  7. Click Publish


Posting to Personal Calendars

To add events to your personal calendar or to staff calendars (if you're a principal, webmaster, or system admin):
  1. Log in to School Loop
  2. Hover over Add Events in the calendar on your portal page and select General Event
  3. Fill out the event details
  4. If you'd like the event to show up on staff calendars, select the appropriate Audience boxes in the left column (make sure to select Homepage if you also want it to display on the school homepage calendar)
  5. Click Publish