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Granting Rights to Sections

You can give users different levels of permission to folders in your site.
  • An Editor can add and edit pages and can publish changes without approval from a webmaster
  • A Contributor can draft changes to existing pages and then submit those drafts to the webmasters for approval (webmasters receive notifications on their portal page)

      A webmaster can grant permission to users to sections by following these steps:

      1. Log in to School Loop
      2. From your Portal page, click Webmaster Center in the right hand column toolbox
      3. Click on Full Site Map in the Navigation Manager
      4. Select the folder you wish to grant access to
      5. Click Rights in the upper right hand corner, under Live View
      6. Select either Add Editor or Add Contributor
      7. Find the staff member in the list of users and check the box next to their name
      8. Click Add