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Active Directory and School Loop

Most users will log into School Loop using their Active Directory username and password they use to access their email (ex: e123456 and their email password).


Connecting School Loop with Active Directory has several benefits to staff and webmasters at the school:

  • Staff and teachers will use the same username / password for School Loop they use to log into their APS email and computer.
  • If teachers / staff forget their password, the technology coordinator can help them reset it using
  • When staff / teachers transfer schools or leave the district, their access to the site will automatically be suspended, adding extra security to the website.

Activating Users at the Beginning of the School Year

System Admins can activate new teachers and staff once their Active Directory information has been updated by HR to include your school’s location code.

System Admins can check the inclusion of new staff / teachers in School Loop at any time:

  1. Log in to School Loop.
  2. From your Portal page, hover over Activate Users and select Activate Staff from the dropdown.
  3. New staff / teachers will appear on that list as Inactive.

This is good news. It means that the employee’s location code has been updated by HR, and you can now activate them.

If you don’t see them on the list, that means one of two things:

  1. HR hasn’t updated their location code in Active Directory
  2. This employee’s location ID isn’t the school’s location

If you have questions about the process for updating AD accounts, or if new staff haven’t been added by the time school begins, please contact the Employee Data Center.

Staff and teachers paid out of another school or department (like OTs, SLPs, and School Police) may not have your school’s location code and will need to be registered manually.

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