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Customizing Your Default Page

On your page, you will see a resource locker, notes, calendar, news, current assignment, and rich text elements.

You can click on the Plus Sign icon to add elements, or click on the Trash Can to delete them from your page.

For elements you wish to keep, use the Pencil (edit) icon and Add (content) buttons to change options and add new content.



Below is a brief description of the elements you will find on your default page:

  • Resource Locker - to edit the name of the locker, click the pencil icon. To upload files and documents, click  Save Resources to add files, links or folders to your locker.

  • Notes - this element functions like a blog. Click Add Notes, when you want add content for your students to see. The most recent notes will be at the top. All notes stay on your site until you delete them.

  • Calendar- you have the ability to post events and/or assignments on your calendar. Click Add Event, fill out the form to give it a title and description, a date, and end and start times. Click Publish when you are finished. If you want to change the format of your calendar, click on the pencil to choose from 5 options.

  • News - publish important news to your class with this element. Click Add News to fill out the form. You can add links, video, and attach files. Select a date range for your item, which will also expire it and drop it from your list. Newest items always appear at the top.

  • Current Assignments - this element can be used to help your students stay on top of work and keep a record of what you have assigned.  Click Add Assignment, and fill out the form. It features assigned and due dates, points, category of assignment, and time to complete

  • Rich Text Editor - it functions are similar to a Word or WordPad document. Using the toolbar, you can choose from many styling options for your content. You can link to a file or image by hyperlinking or highlighting the text and clicking on the globe icon to an item in your resources files/lockers or an external site.


When you are done adding elements and content to your site, click the Publish button to make your site public or Save Draft at the top to finish building your site at a later time.