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Creating Groups

Creating a Group

Any teacher or staff member with a School Loop account can create a group.

  1. Login to School Loop
  2. Click the Groups button in the top right hand corner. From the dropdown, choose create group.

  3. Add a name and a short description. Check the boxes below to make group public or private, district-wide or for just your school, or both. Please note that you can not make changes to those settings after they have been created.

To add or remove members, go to the group icon and click on your group from the dropdown, select member management from your toolbox.

  1. Click add or remove members to access all users.

  2. Check off the names to either add to group or choose remove selected to delete user from group.

To delete a group you’ve created, go to your portal and click on the groups button to get the dropdown.

  1. Choose the group and from the toolbox, click delete.
  2. Confirm your action by clicking delete again.