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Linking to Synergy

This tutorial describes the necessary steps to create a link to ParentVUE for your classroom website.


The APS Web Team does not manage Synergy. If you have an issue, please fill out a service desk request

After logging into your School Loop account, click the My Website button, in the top center of your portal, to get to your classroom website.

If this is the first time accessing your classroom website, you will see a template page with placeholder elements. Read more about working with the default template here.

  1. Click the plus icon anywhere on the page where you want the link to be added. You can change it's position later, but dragging and dropping the element elsewhere on the page.


  2. In the Element Gallery Window, select the Rich Text Editor element.


  3. Editing the RTE (Rich Text Editor)
    1. You can add a title to your RTE (Rich Text Editor), select optional styles and format your contents in a similar fashion of a Word document. In this case the title reads: Synergy Links
    2. The Optional Style is set to Quicklinks: One
  4. First row text: Activation Key & Account Setup
  5. Hit enter to create a new row
  6. Second row text: ParentVUE Log In
  7. Hit enter to create a new row
  8. Third row text: StudentVUE Log In


  9. Once you typed your text, highlight the entire first row and click the hyperlink button.


    1. In the URL field, paste or type and click Submit.


  10. Highlight the entire second row and click the hyperlink button again.
    1. In the URL filed, paste or type and click Submit.
  11. Highlight the entire third row and click the hyperlink button.
    1. In the URL field, paste or type and click Submit.
  12. Click Save & Exit
  13. Remember to PUBLISH your page once you are done!


You now have three links on your classroom website. Click Live View to see the changes to your website in a new browser tab.