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An Overview of the Portal

After logging in, you will be taken to your Portal, the start page in School Loop.

At the top of this page you can find links to your calendar, website, groups, help and account management. Clicking on your name, in the top right corner, brings you back to the Portal, should you ever get lost in School Loop.




  • Calendar – this is the same calendar you also see further down on the Portal page. Read about it's features below.
  • Website – This is a link to the editing view of your personal website
  • Groups – Once you join or create a group, you can communicate with it's members posting discussions, calendar entries, or news.
  • Help – School Loop's self-help section features many great tips and tricks as well as tutorials that should help you find answers to your questions. Click the red question mark in the upper right-hand corner of your portal page.
  • Account Management Please note that you can only add/edit your phone number,phone extension and position of your account. Your name and login name gets populated by Active Directory. If your name is incorrect, please talk to your school's webmaster or contact the Employee Data Center to request an official name change.

Under, Create Your Websites, you can find a link to your personal site and quick publishing tools (Assign Work, Add Event and Add News)




In the calendar below,  you can add assignments, add a general event, and add a personal item. Assignments as well as general events will get published on your website. Personal Items, will remain visible only to you.