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Posted January 9, 2012

Alamosa Elementary School Website Launched

The APS Web Team is thrilled to announce that the new Alamosa Elementary School website is now live!

Alamosa Elementary is the very first school to be migrated into the new district-wide school website system, School Loop. Learn more about this project

The new site has many exciting features:

  • A search bar at the top of every page
  • School news and events prominently displayed on the school homepage, where they’re easy for families to find
  • Classroom pages for every teacher, which will increase communication with students and families (check out Alamosa’s early adopters by clicking their names on the Staff Directory)
  • Automatic district news and events feeds, so that parents can go one place to get the latest information from both their school and the district
  • Instant translation of each and every page by clicking on the Translation link at the bottom of the page
  • Perhaps most importantly, the ability for school staff to update and improve the site using intuitive, web-based tools

Congratulations and thanks to Alamosa Principal Patricia Sanchez, and technology coordinator (and new webmaster) Seth Hoover! We couldn’t have created the new site without the guidance of Ms. Sanchez, and the webmaster skills of Seth.

We’re so excited to see what Alamosa staff and teachers make of this site!