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Posting Events

Events are pages containing information about upcoming events in your department that you'd like to share with your audience; events will be displayed on your Events Folder and in the events portlet throughout your site.

Note: You must be logged in to make any changes to your site. Find out how to log in >>

Adding an Event

  1. Click on your Events folder.

    events folder

  2. Click Add Event in the toolbar.


  3. Give your event a Title.
  4. Enter a Description (optional).
  5. Select the Date and Time that the event begins.

    events dates and times

  6. Select the Date and Time that the event ends.
  7. Add your content in the Event Body Text field. This is the main section of your event listing, where you can provide details about the event (learn how to apply styles to your text).

    event sample text

  8. If you have a website URL where visitors can go to find out more information about the event, type it into the Event URL field.

    event url field

  9. If you want to identify a contact person for the event, enter their information into the Contact Name, Contact Email, and Contact Phone fields.

    contact person fields

  10. Enter the address of the Event Location.

    event location field for address

  11. Click Save.

    event location box

Are you ready to publish the event to your site? You can click the Status dropdown and select Submit for Approval (if you're a contributor) or Publish (if you're an approver). More about publishing to your live site >>

Events Portlet

Are you hosting a public event that you'd like to feature on the homepage? Publish your event in your events folder and then submit a request to the Web Team filling out our help form to have it featured on the district calendar.

The APS website has event portlet boxes that highlight upcoming events around the district. Departments have those same portlets that allow them to show upcoming events from their department calendar.

department events portlet

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