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To add a link, highlight the text or image you want linked.

Click the Link icon insert edit link icon

link tool


A box with the following options opens: Internal, External, Email, Anchor.

Link box


Internal: links to a page on

Use the breadcrumb links to navigate folders, if needed.

Click the circle to the left of the item.

Click OK.

Breadcrumb links


External: links to any website address.

Type or paste the URL in the first box.

Type a Link Title.

Click OK.

External Link


Email: link to an email address and opens the user's default mail application.

Type or paste the email address in the email field.

Type a Subject, if needed.

Click OK.


Anchor: links to a specific location on the page.

Highlight the text you want to have an anchor.

Click the Anchor icon insert edit anchor icon

Give the anchor a recognizable name.

Anchor title


Now highlight the text to link to the anchor location.

Click the Link icon insert edit link icon

Click the Anchor tab.

Click the circle next to your anchor link.

Click OK.

Anchor Links


Remove link: break the link by highlighting your link and clicking the Unlink icon remove link icon

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