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You can upload files into Plone and link to them. Please use only PDF files, if possible. Also, file size is limited when uploading. Compress your files if they are being rejected.

Link to a file

Highlight the text you want to link to a file.

Click the Link icon insert edit link icon

Use the breadcrumb links to find your Documents folder.

In the bottom left corner, click Upload.

Documents folder


In the top right, click Browse or Choose File.

Upload Doc

Find the file on your computer, and click OK.

Type a Title. This title becomes your Alt Text for user accessibility.

Click Upload.

Click OK.


Replace a file with new/alternate version.

Go to your department home page -- your top-level page.

Click the Contents tab.

Click the Documents folder.

Click the File Name.

Click the Edit tab.

Select Replace with new file.

Click Choose File and select the file on your computer.

Click Save.

Replace document 


Permanently delete a file:

Click the Contents folder.

Click the Documents folder.

Check the Checkbox next to the file name.

Click the Delete button on the bottom of the page.

Delete File

Document Actions