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Item Types

folder Folders

page Pages

form Forms

link Links

news News items

event  Events

pdf file Files

image Images

Text Editor Icons

undo icon Undo
special formatting Style
bold icon Bold
italics icon Italics
align center Align
bullet list iconnumber list icon Lists
outdent iconindent icon Out/Indent
insert edit image Image
insert edit link icon  Link
remove link icon Remove Link
insert edit anchor icon Anchor
insert new table icontable row properties icontable cell properties icon Tables
insert row before iconinsert row after icondelete row icon Rows
insert column beforeinsert column afterdelete column icon Columns
split merged table cellsmerged table cells icon Table Cells
view edit html source code HTML 
toggle full screen mode icon Full-screen

In the View tab of your page, click the Draft Changes tab.

Draft Changes creates a working copy of the page, so these changes will not be public until you publish the page.

Add text, headers, links, images, etc. in the Body Text.

Edit your page as you would a Word document.

Save the page at the bottom.

Edit Page


To make your new changes live on the website, click the State dropdown menu, and Publish This Draft.

Confirm publish this draft on the next page.

Publish Draft Changes

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