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Add Page

Go to the folder where you want the new page.

Click the Add New dropdown menu, and Page.

Add Page


Rename Page

Click the Draft Changes tab.

Edit the Title of the page.

Save at the bottom of the page.

Edit Page 


Delete Page

Click the State drop-down menu.

Select Submit for Deletion.

The web team will contact you when the content has been permanently deleted.

Submit for deletion


Delete Draft Changes

If you made edits but decide to delete your draft, click the State drop-down menu.

Select Delete This Draft.

Confirm deletion on next page.

Delete draft changes 

Potential Link Breakage

If you try to delete an item and other pages on the website link to that item, you'll get the following message:

Link Breakage

Please update the links on these pages to avoid broken links.

Click the [Edit in new window] link and update the link.

If you decide to keep the page, click Cancel.

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