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Accessible Content

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APS is committed to making content on the district website and all school websites accessible to students, staff, and the community including those with disabilities.

APS is in compliance with Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Guidelines for Plone contributors:

    • Use headings and subheadings appropriately.
    • Write concise and easy to read content.
    • Add Alt Text to images -- this is done when uploading an image.
    • Caption videos and add a transcript, if possible.
    • Add link text that's unique and meaningful -- avoid non-descriptive links like "read more" or "click here".
    • Identify file types in documents links -- for example: file name (PDF).
    • Add table caption to tables.
    • Add headers to table columns and rows.
    • Do not leave empty cells and do not merge cells in tables.
    • Use tables for data, not design layout.
    • Avoid adding images of text, if possible. If not, make sure the image has Alt Text.
    • Add PDF documents with readable text and tags.
    • Use the Accessibility checker in Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word before uploading documents on the website.
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