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Department Website Audit

Maintaining your department's information is key for visitors, and the APS Web Team supports you in creating an up-to-date, relevant, and informative site.

Annually, the APS Web Team recommends each APS entity with a web presence audit their website for errors, outdated information, broken links, and ease of access for visitors.

Below is a set of criteria for you to follow to ensure your site is up-to-date and easy to navigate.

Department or landing page

    • Make sure the Contact Information is correct
    • Go through the text to check for grammar and spelling errors, that it’s easy to read and understand, and that it’s informative and helpful
    • Evaluate if there is too much scrolling or text for a visitor
    • Check links to see if they are broken and if they are accurate
    • Check that all documents are named correctly and that they are the most current version

Staff List

    • Check the names, titles, phone numbers, and emails are correct. Add or delete employees to maintain an updated list

Auxiliary Pages

    • Identify content that can be edited and shortened for clarity
    • See Department or landing page instructions

Images/documents folders

    • Replace documents that have a newer version
    • Purge any images and documents that are no longer referenced and do not require archiving in the website

Tips and Resources

    • Writing for the web is different than writing an article. Important information needs to be bolded, chunked, or bulleted for emphasis and/or readability. Essential information should be brief and easy to locate
    • Be clear and focused in your writing, less IS more.
    • Understand your audience. Keep in mind who the website is for. Information important to your staff may be best placed in the Intranet instead of your website.