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Text Alternatives

Guideline: non-text content should have Alt text so screen readers can read the content for the user.

Note: alt text is not necessary for decorative images.


In Plone - In School Loop - In Microsoft Word/PowerPoint (Mac & Windows) - In Adobe Acrobat

In Plone:

Alt text is taken from the image file name automatically -- give your file a relevant name.

Plone Image Title

Or you can edit the Title before you upload the image.

Plone Add Title to Image


In School Loop:

If you're adding a Picture from the Element Gallery, edit the ALT Tag/Description.

School Loop add alt text

If you're adding an Image in the Rich Text Editor, edit the Alternate Text.

Image Alt Text 

In Microsoft Word & PowerPoint (Mac)

Insert your image and select it. Under the Picture Format tab, click on Format Pane.

Word Format Pane

Click on Layout & Properties, and Alt Text. Add a title for Alt Text.

Word Alt Text

For a Chart: click the Format tab, Format Pane, Layout & Properties, Alt Text.

For a Table: click the Layout tab, Properties, Alt Text.

For a Shape: click Shape Format, Format Pane, Layout & Properties, Alt Text.

Use the Accessibility Checker:

On Mac: go to the Review tab, Check Accessibility for report.

In Microsoft Word & PowerPoint (Windows)

Right-click your image.

Click Format PictureLayout & Properties.

Click Alt Text.

Edit the Title.

For a Chart: click Format Chart AreaChart OptionsLayout & Properties. Click Alt Text.

For a Table: right-click table, click Table Properties, click Alt Text tab. Edit the Title.

For a Shape: right-click shape, click Format Shape, click Layout & Properties, click Alt Text. Edit the Title.

Use the Accessibility Checker

On Windows: go to FileInfo. Click the Check for Issues button.


In Acrobat:

Under Tools, click Edit Object and select your image.

Acrobat Tools

Right click your image and select Properties.

Adobe Properties

Click the Tag tab and add Alternate Text. Close the dialog box.

Adove Add Alt Text

Use the Accessibility Checker

Go to Tools, Action Wizard, Create Accessible PDFs and Adobe will guide you through the process. You'll receive a report at the end with suggestions for improvement.

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