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Siteimprove Report

As a web editor, you'll be emailed Quality Assurance reports from Siteimprove.

It's your responsibility to fix these errors to help APS stay in compliance with accessibility standards.

Siteimprove reports are sent frequently. Please fix the errors and they will not show in future reports. If you fixed an error but it's still in the report, please contact the web team.


For School Websites

Click the Download link in your email.

School SiteImprove Email Link


Scroll down to Priority Pages.

Click the magnifying glass icon to view the Page Report.

Click the CMS button to open your school's webpage. If you are already logged in to your school site in another tab, you'll be taken to your editable page.

School Siteimprove Priority Pages


In the Page Report, use the left panel to expand Broken Links, Misspellings, and Potential Misspellings.

Click on a broken link and it will highlight on the page in red.

Click the CMS button at the top to be directed to the editable page (as long as you're logged in to your school site on another tab) and fix the errors in School Loop.

If you need to ignore an issue on your report, let the web team know so it won't continue to show on your reports.

School SiteImprove Page Report




In the email, click the HTML or PDF link to view the report.

Siteimprove QU Report


Click the "Show errors" blue button to see the Page Report.

Show Errors Button on QA report


In the Page Report, use the left panel to expand Broken LinksMisspellings, and Potential Misspellings.

The error is highlighted on the page in red.

broken link.png


To fix these errors, Login to in a separate tab.

In the Page Report, scroll to the top of the page.

Click the web page link.

The APS page opens in a new tab and you can edit the page.

APS link in site improve report


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