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Poverty Awareness Training

Title I Poverty Awareness Training Team: Dale Hagin, Mary Beth Montano, Sondra Slivon, Renata Witte.

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912 Oak Street SE   Albuquerque, NM 87106

(505) 253-0330 ext.67023

APS Title I Donna Beegle Poverty Awareness Training is offered to K-12 Public and Charter Title I school sites within APS. 

The purpose of Donna Beegle Poverty Awareness Training is to provide an overall awareness of poverty and how it affects our APS students and their families, with the goal of increased academic achievement for students faced with the challenges of living in poverty. The training offers school staff strategies to increase effectiveness in working with students and in building trusting relationships with students’ families experiencing the crisis of poverty.

In New Mexico, the childhood poverty rate is 30%, which according to New Mexico KIDS COUNT, is the highest in the nation ( APS has 142 schools, and 105, or 74%, are Title I schools*. Over 88,000 APS students, 68%+, are eligible for free or reduced priced lunch**, making poverty an issue to address in moving the dial on student academic success.

A full day of professional development is provided for school teams, of up to 12 members, from a school site. As part of the day’s activities, school teams develop an action plan for their school community. The Title I Poverty Awareness Training Team is available to meet with each team during the school year to help enhance the action plan and provide additional supports, including whole school training, if requested.

Onsite coaching sessions are offered to schools that participate in the full day training. During coaching sessions, district trainers facilitate dialogue around poverty and specific school community needs and issues, and assist the school team in refining and implementing their plan to more effectively serve students of poverty.

The Poverty Awareness Training Team also offers schoolwide sessions: a 3-hour awareness session, a full-day session, and the team can tailor sessions to meet specific needs as well.

*Schools must have at least 50% of their students qualify for free and reduced-price meals in order to be eligible to receive Title I funds. (APS Title I)

**To qualify for the school lunch program, families have to be at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty level — which calculates out to about $44,000 for a family of four. (NPR)

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