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Add+Vantage Math

Informed Assessment for Differentiation in the Classroom.

Add+Vantage Math

The mathematics educational experience is not working for far too many students. Add+Vantage Math Recovery responds to the need to meet high levels of accountability for all students to learn important mathematics. The theory and strategies from Math Recovery Early intervention are equally relevant and useful for classroom teachers.

Add+Vantage MR empowers teachers to improve mathematics instruction by putting into practice new research in the areas of assessing, teaching and learning numbers.

Add+Vantage Math (AVM) Professional Development Courses

AVM courses provide classroom teachers with a developmental framework, diagnostic assessments, and tools for designing/differentiating instruction.

Professional Development for teachers:

  • Undertaking a study of how children think about number and construct new number knowledge and arithmetical strategies.

Specific Tools:

  • Research-based model for students learning
  • Diagnostic Assessments (5 assessments)
  • Lesson design, exemplary tasks and differentiation
  • Teaching Number in the Classroom with 4-8 Year-Olds, Wright, et. al.

Professional Development Courses

Course 1 (4 days)
Theory, Assessment and Teaching

  • Number words and numerals
  • Structuring Numbers
  • Addition & Subtraction

Course 2 (2 days with a Course 1 as a prerequisite)
Extending the Framework

  • Place Value
  • Multiplication

Support for Schools Using Add+Vantage

Follow-up support is available to schools that have a team of teachers trained in Add+Vantage Math.

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