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Math Recovery Can Prevent Early Learning Failure

Early learning success in mathematics is possible for most of our at-risk students.  Results show that 75% of all Math Recovery Students exit at grade level and one third of those students, roughly 25% of the total exit above grade level peers.

A teacher with a Math Recovery Intervention Specialist (MRIS) designation has the qualifications to provide an advanced level of math intervention and support for math instruction in classrooms at the elementary level.

"The sequential nature of mathematics curriculum makes it mandatory that children accomplish every standard in the early numeracy continuum at the conceptual, procedural and application levels. When a deficit in a child’s development is found, immediate intervention must be made to ensure the child continues to make progress. Once a child has experienced early learning failure, setting the child on the road to success becomes a much more difficult task."
--Joyce McCleod “Building Early Numeracy Skills, Preventing Early Failure”, edited by Bob Sornson, ASCD 2001

Math Recovery Intervention Specialists

Math Recovery Intervention Specialists (MRIS) go through comprehensive training that prepares them to provide math intervention to K-5 students. The Math Recovery Intervention Specialists at the participating elementary schools:

  • Provide early intervention for at-risk students, serving one-on-one and/or providing Tier II small group intervention
  • Provide instruction at students’ current level and advances students’ knowledge, skill and conceptual understanding
  • Use diagnostic assessments and a developmental framework that generate a detailed profile of a student’s current understanding and subsequent progress resulting from intervention
  • Attend collegial meetings throughout the year to continually update teaching practice
  • Provide short-term intervention (10 to 12 weeks) as a supplement to classroom instruction
  • Provide ongoing support and PD for teachers trained in Add+Vantage Math

Training for Math Recovery Intervention Specialists

Teachers must have a designated intervention position in order to participate in the Math Recovery training. An MRIS course includes: 10-13 days of coursework, 100 hours of tutoring with first grade students, and two professional development projects.

To enroll in Math Recovery Intervention training, contact Kory Obenshain at (505) 253-0330 ext. 67021

Support for Math Recovery Intervention Specialists

New MRIS candidates receive six coaching visits during their training year.  Continuing MRIS teachers can request coaching and planning support as needed.  Collegial meetings for all MRIS teachers are held monthly.

Add+Vantage Math

Add+Vantage Math is another part of the Title I Math Recovery program. Learn more >>

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