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Family Math Parties

A program offered by APS Title I Family Engagement to empower parents as partners in helping their children succeed in math. Teachers have an opportunity to build relationships with parents and share ways to work with math that brings added value to the classroom instruction. Parents will have the opportunity to meet other parents, share ideas that work in their home and talk about their concerns, and gain confidence in talking to teachers about academic and homework concerns. Parents will leave with higher comfort level and a math kit they will be able to use at home with their children.

Contact Information

Physical Address:
912 Oak Street SE Building M, Title I Albuquerque, NM 87106 Map

Phone: (505) 253-0330
Fax: (505) 880-3997

Full staff listing

Contact Information:

Amesha N. Griego

Phone: (505) 253-0330 ext.67007

Fax: (505) 880-3997


Family Math Parties

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where do the math kits come from?

A.) The math kits were developed in conjunction with the APS math program and are ready to use at no cost.  They come with the required materials. Teachers can choose from three levels of kits at Lincoln Complex (912 Oak St. SE, Building M) or online.

What grade levels/languages are offered?

A.) The kits are available in Primary, Intermediate, and *Middle School. All the kits include instructions in English.  Spanish is available upon request via email.

(*) Spanish instructions not available.


How many parents are invited?

A.) The program is designed for a small amount of parents so they will feel comfortable.  The magic number is 10 parents, so when planning a party, call and send flyers to 10 parents from your classroom or math program.


Why 10 parents and not the whole class?

A.) Even though most of Title I schools are school-wide and serve all students the focus is on the students with the greatest academic need.  The small group is all about building relations and trust.


Can these kits be given out at Math Night?

A.) No, these kits are designed for small groups of parents, but teachers are encouraged to offer these instructional sessions on the same night, and several times during the school year.


How long do the parties last and why is it a party?

A). A Family Math Party lasts about 45 minutes. It starts with an ice breaker and sharing to get parents comfortable.  You can use Title I Parent Involvement funds to pay for snacks and drinks such as coffee, water, or tea.  If you have a parent that wants to make calls and ask parents to bring snacks that works too!



Family Math Parties

Three easy options to order Family Math Parties

Guide for Family Math Parties

Print out Family Math Party Form

(Form can be filled out on the computer and then printed or handwritten in)


Option 1: Inter-Office Mail

Send order form to Title I Parent Involvement

(Allow 2-3 business days to process orders using this option)

Option 2: Fax

Fax order form to (505) 880-3997

Attention: Amesha Griego

Option 3: Walk-In

Located at Lincoln Complex (912 Oak St. SE)

Title I Building M

***Supporting Documents needed for Math Parties ***

Family Math Parties Sign-in and Evaluation forms.



*** Request a Teacher Sample Kit for your School!***


STEP ONE: Click and fill out the PDF Request Form for Teacher Sample Kits and Fax or Inter-Office mail the form.


STEP TWO: A Title I Representative will contact you to confirm the request.

*Title I Schools are entitled to one Teacher Sample Kit of ea. three levels*


Math MaterialsFamily Math Party Materials located at Lincoln Complex Title I Building M..





3 Leveled Math Kits brought to you by:

APS Title I

A team dedicated to providing the highest quality service and support to eligible school communities under Title I guidelines.



Math Kits

Math Kit Levels


Order Math Kits




Math Kit Images Primary

    • Kit Number Cards
    • Name That Number
    • Before & After
    • Match Me
    • Penny Plate
    • Tric Trac


    • Ruler
    • 1 die 1-6 numbers
    • 2 dice 1-6 dots




    *Spanish available upon request*

    PDF Order Form




    Math Kit Images Inter.



    • Kit Number Cards
    • Array Flip Facts 3, 4, and 6
    • Array Bingo
    • Division Array
    • Multiplication Bingo
    • Name That Number
    • The Digit Game
    • Four’s A Winner
    • Arrow Cards (Ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands)


    • Ruler
    • 1die 1-6 numbers
    • 1die 0-9 numbers




    *Spanish available upon request*

    PDF Order Form

    Middle School



    Out of Stock

    Math Images Middle School



    • Kit Number Cards
    • Name That Number
    • Four’s A Winner
    • Protractor Activity
    • Mirrors- Symmetry Activity


    • Ruler
    • 1die 0-9 number
    • Protractor
    • Mirror (Peel off plastic)





    PDF Order Form
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