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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Even Start Family Literacy program.

  1. Are you still accepting applications?
    We accept applications year round.
  2. Can my child attend the preschool if I don't want to go to GED class?
    Only children who have an adult household family member attending Adult Basic Education classes are eligible for Even Start Preschool.
  3. Are all of your programs full?
    We keep waiting lists and enroll new families when a space is available. Please fill out an English application/ or a Spanish application and submit it to the Even Start site nearest you, which we will keep on file.
  4. How many students are there per teacher in the preschools?
    We have one certified teacher and a highly qualified Educational Assistant in each classroom of 15 preschoolers.
  5. I work. Can I leave my child in Even Start all day?
    Even Start has two 2 ½ hour sessions of preschool four days a week.  Students may attend only one of those sessions. Wednesdays are dedicated to parenting classes, home visits, paperwork, sterilizing the environment and planning.
  6. What languages are used in the classroom?
    All Even Starts have Spanish and English materials and staff that speak one or both of these languages well. Many other families speak other languages and some staff members have command of other languages.
  7. My child turns three in September; can she start after her birthday?
    We must follow state guidelines, which state that all children must be three prior to 12:01 am on September 1st of the school year to be enrolled.
  8. I don't have transportation to CNM to go to GED class; are there other opportunities?
    Yes, most Even Start site has accredited GED and ESL classes, with childcare provided for free.
  9. When are the GED and ESL classes?
    It depends on the school. Our teachers travel from school to school. Some of the Adult classes are in the morning, some in the afternoon and we have some after school and few in the evening.
  10. Who are the childcare providers?
    Teachers, Educational Assistants and people hired specifically to be Childcare providers.
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