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Mission – A team dedicated to providing the highest quality service and support to eligible school communities under Title I Guidelines.

Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is the largest federal assistance program in our nation’s schools. ESEA ensures that all children have significant opportunities to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on rigorous academic achievement standards. Title I Part A focuses on four components:

  1. Holding states, districts, and schools accountable for the results of student learning
  2. Using proven research-based strategies designed to facilitate school-wide reform and improvement
  3. Collaborating with parents and communities to strengthen the school’s ability to meet the needs of all students and improve the school, in addition to expanding parental options
  4. Allowing states and districts greater control and flexibility in determining the most effective educational environment for their population


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Students enrolled in Title I schools are identified to receive services based on criteria set by each school’s plan. All students are eligible to participate in all aspects of the school wide program, as appropriate.

However, the statute requires schools to address the needs of the lowest achieving students and those at risk of low achievement and provide additional services to those students.

Title I Information

How does my school qualify for Title I funds?
Schools must be considered 50% economically disadvantaged in order to be eligible to receive Title I funds. Schools with higher percentages receive a higher per pupil allocation.

How do I know if my child is receiving Title I services?
Parents need to contact their child’s teacher for specific information regarding individual student program services.

If my child changes schools, will my child continue to receive Title I services?
Only students at eligible Title I schools have access to services. Each school determines the criteria for identifying and providing services to students.

How does a school determine their use of Title I funds to design the school’s program?
Each school has a team made up of administrators, staff, and parents (Instructional Council).  This team determines program needs based on data from state and district testing.  Programs are required to align with the school’s Title I plan as well as the school’s Educational Plan for Student Success (EPSS).

What is the process for a school to write the Title I program plan?
Once the school receives its Title I allocation the Instructional Council determines the school's funding priorities.  Each year the school's EPSS reflects programs and staff that Title I funds.

How does the District monitor and support the Title I programs at the schools?
The District Title I Resource Teachers monitor the schools throughout the year.  The purpose of the monitoring visits is to provide program support and technical assistance to ensure compliance with Title I regulations.

How do I find out about Title I at my school?
Every Title I school is required to have an Annual Meeting to explain the school’s Title I budget and school grade. Parents can also contact the school for information regarding Title I.

How can I be involved in decisions regarding the Title I program?
Every school has funds allocated for parent involvement activities. By attending these activities a parent can become more involved in the school’s educational goals.

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