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Posted January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Picture of the Week

Jan. 22, 2015: APS Milken Family Foundation Award Winners


#ThrowbackThursday to last year, when Andy Cook, a teacher at Manzano HS won the esteemed #Milken award.

Today, Andy presented Shannon Ryan, a teacher at Lavaland ES a check for $25,000 and welcomed her as the latest New Mexico winner of this prestigious award. Congratulations Andy — and welcome, Shannon!

For more on Shannon’s story, visit #TeachForTheStars #tbt #WeAreAPS #FamilyOfExcellence


Help Us Tell The APS Story Through #ThrowbackThursday Pictures!

Do you have a special photo of APS history that we should share as part of our #ThrowbackThursday fun? Please send the picture, with the caption, to our communications team at -- Don't forget! This is supposed to be fun! A #ThrowbackThursday pic could be thirty years old, or maybe just thirty days! Help us tell the APS story and embark on this fun project!



Throwback Thursday Archives:

Jan. 15, 2015: Lavaland School float in the 1955 Albuquerque Christmas Parade


Albuquerque's history is rich with heritage and culture. Lavaland School dates back to 1940. Here is a picture of the Lavaland School float in the 1955 Albuquerque Christmas Parade.  #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #ABQ

Dec. 18, 2014: Monte Vista ES in 1950's

#ThrowbackThursday to Monte Vista ES in the 1950's. #TBT #OldSchool #WeAreAPS

Monte Vista Elementary School

Dec. 11, 2014: Dolores Gonzales ES, Then and Now.

#ThrowbackThursday to 1974 when Dolores Gonzales Elementary School was first built! This week, 40 years later, DGES had their grand opening for a new renovation on their kitchen, cafeteria, and new classrooms! Check out our Facebook page to see the pictures of the renovation! #DoloresGonzales #TBT

Dolores Gonzales Elementary School

Dec. 4, 2014: APS elementary school teacher -- when he was in elementary!

#ThrowbackThursday to Armijo Elementary School’s Mr. Jonathan Saiz (in the Mickey Mouse shirt) as a first grader in 1986! Mr. Saiz and his class were performing at the spring festival at Los Ranchos Elementary School! Happy #TBT — and thank you to Mr. Saiz for sharing this fun piece of APS history! #WeAreAPS #TBT #ThankYou

Nov. 20, 2014: Guess who? 1970 Highland HS Graduate

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday post is our favorite type— a GUESS WHO post! This 1970 Highland HS graduate continues to work for our district today! Any ideas?

Post your guesses on Facebook — and we’ll post the answer tomorrow! #TBT #WayBack #GuessWho

Update: If you guessed Jo Sloan, Principal of Del Norte HS, you were correct!

Jo Sloan


Nov. 13, 2014: Native American Heritage Month


#ThrowbackThursday to the 2014 Annual Native American Fashion Show with the APS Indian Education Department in April! #YoungModels #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth #FashionShow


Nov. 6, 2014: Fall NMAA State Championships

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday takes us to the fall of 2001, when Cameron Clarke was a senior on the Sandia HS men’s varsity soccer team.

Flash forward to 2014 — Clarke is the head coach of the Cibola HS men’s soccer team — and the Cougars are taking on Clarke’s alma mater, the Matadors, TODAY in the NMAA State 6A Quarterfinals at 7:45pm at the APS Soccer Complex!

For more information on all Fall NMAA State Championships, visit

Cameron Clarke

Oct. 30, 2014: Celebrating National Principals Month

As we conclude our celebrations of National Principals Month, today's #ThrowbackThursday is a then and now post of Richard Ulibarri, principal at Longfellow Elementary School. We asked for nominations and testimonials from the district about APS's best principals, and Mr. Ulibarri received several nominations from both his Longfellow community, and the communities and schools that he has served before!

One testimony comes from a Nationally Board Certified Teacher who worked with Mr. Ulibarri at Mountain View Elementary School; she writes, "Richard Ulibarri worked so hard to create a positive and collaborative environment and always treated the teachers, students and families with respect. It is wonderful to have your instructional practice, voice and ideas valued. I am glad that I had the time to work with an administrator like Mr. Ulibarri because I was given flexibility and the chance to try new lessons in the classroom, which helped prepare me for the transition to CCSS."


One of Mr. Ulibarri's current teachers at Longfellow echoed her sentiments, "I have been a bilingual teacher at Longfellow Elementary since 2007 and have seen several principals come and go but the one principal who has really changed the climate of the school is Mr. Richard Ulibarri. He is really an easy going guy who puts the customers first but cares for his staff at the same time. He is an oldie but definitely a goodie!! We as a staff are very fortunate to have such a caring charismatic guy as our principal. He really deserves a shout out!!"


The first picture of Ulibarri is from the 1978-79 school year where he was principal at Valle Vista Elementary School. The picture on the right is him today, where he is principal at Longfellow Elementary School. Ulibarri has also served as the principal at Mission Avenue Elementary School and Mountain View Elementary School, and spent one year at Edward Gonzales Elementary as an assistant principal.


Thank you Mr. Ulibarri for your service and commitment to our students.

Oct. 23, 2014: 1944 Albuquerque High School Bulldogs Football Team

#ThrowbackThursday to 1944 (SEVENTY YEARS AGO!) — this picture captures Albuquerque High coach F. M. Wilson talks with his AHS football team.

The stadium they are in was Bulldog Stadium at the time (Highland did not open until 1949.) Bulldog Stadium was later renamed Milne Stadium, and the "new" stadium, opened in 1963, was named after F.M. Wilson. Love this piece of APS and Albuquerque history!

Picture credit: Education in Albuquerque, (Piper, 2014).

Oct. 16, 2014: Del Norte HS Homecoming Festivities

Today's #ThrowbackThursday post takes us back to 1974 -- when the Del Norte High School Knights won the State Football Championships! Next week, Del Norte HS is celebrating a very special Homecoming week: 40 years since they won their state football championships, AND fifty years since the school has been open.

To find out more about the Del Norte HS Homecoming Week festivities, visit

Congrats Del Norte! What an exciting milestone!

October 9, 2014: Way To Go, Albuquerque HS Bulldogs!

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday posts takes us back just a few weeks ago to Sept. 26th — when the Albuquerque HS Bulldogs football team broke their bad luck streak — and WON their first game in almost four years!

We are so proud to honor and celebrate their determination, persistence — and in the end, it paid off! Congrats to our Bulldogs! We are PROUD of you! {Photo courtesy of @abqjournalphoto}

#TBT #AlbuquerqueHS #GoBulldogs #Football #NeverGiveUp #Determination #ClassAct

Albuquerque HS Bulldogs 2014


October 2,  2014:  Guess Who from 1970!

HAPPY THURSDAY!!!! Time for a GUESS WHO #ThrowbackThursday pic! We found this #tbt gem in the old Highland HS archives, a senior pic from 1970!! Any guesses who it might be?

Here is your hint: he is still with APS today- more than 44 years later!!!

Have a guess? Post it on our APS Facebook page here and we'll post the answer here tomorrow! Happy guessing!

UPDATE: If you guessed Interim Superintendent Brad Winter --- you are correct!

Brad Winter

September 25,  2014:  2012 Junior Olympics with Volcano Vista HS Athletes

Today's #ThrowbackThursday transports us back to 2012 Junior Olympics with the Volcano Vista HS athletes competing in Marksmanship! This trip to Arkansas looks like lots of fun - and we are proud to have our APS athletes representing New Mexico in this great event! AWESOME! #TBT #JuniorOlympics #Marksmanship #VolcanoVistaHS


September 18, 2014: Rules for Teachers.... from 99 years ago!

Hope you enjoy today's #ThrowbackThursday post: Rules for teachers -- from 1915!

We found this gem, originally from the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum hanging outside of the teacher's lounge at Bandelier ES!

Which rule(s) make you laugh? What was your response while reading this?! Better yet, if we were to write rules for our teachers today, what would they look like in 2014?! #TBT

1915 Rules for Teachers

September 11, 2014: Celebrating the class of 2004 -- ten years later

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday comes to us from the SHS Class of 2004 — a community submission after their recent TEN-YEAR HS REUNION! We were assured that long dresses and curly updos were totally in-style in 2004!

Who else has attended a reunion this year? 10-year? 20-year? 30 or 40? What about golden graduates? Do we have any pictures from the class of 1964?! Send them to our APS communications team at

September 4, 2014: Twenty-five years later and still part of the APS family.

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday goes back twenty-five years to 1989! Darlene Saavedra and Liz Garcia-Lobato at Barcelona ES — and we still can’t get enough of them today! Liz works in the superintendent’s office (after retiring once already!), and Darlene recently retired (but we’re not convinced she won’t return!) We love our APS families – and we love to see how much we’ve changed over the years, and yet, how much has stayed the same. Thank you Darlene and Liz! #WeAreAPS #TBT #ThatHair

Darlene Saavedra and Liz Garcia-Lobato

August 28, 2014: Welcome back, Mr. McCorkle.

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday is a fun one! Let’s throwback – WAY back – to 1982 when Mr. Tim McCorkle was an early teacher at West Mesa HS! We can’t decide if we should caption this #WelcomeBackKotter or #ThatHair But either way — awesome picture! {Pictured here with Dr. Nicolas Retana, former assistant principal at Eisenhower MS). Can anyone find a more retro picture than this!? THE CHALLENGE IS ON!  #TBT #AlbuquerqueHS #GoBulldogs #AHS #ThisPictureIsOlderThanMe

August 21, 2014: America's Got Talent!

For today’s #ThrowbackThursday post, we go all the way to 1989 to Jefferson Middle School where Andy Cook was a 6th grader! Today, Andy is in the semi-finals for America's Got Talent and his act is Aerial Animation. So awesome to see #APS alumni doing amazing things far and near! Good luck, Andy! #WeAreAPS #TeamAndy #AGT #TBT

082114 AGT


August 14, 2014: We want your #TBT pictures!

Welcome back to school! Today’s #ThrowbackThursday picture is a CALL FOR MORE #tbt pictures!

Every Thursday, we feature a fun picture on our website and on social media that helps us document APS’s great history. Maybe it’s a fun picture of your first day of school, or an event last year, or better yet, a picture 20 years ago! Big hair, wild fashions, and retro anything are ALWAYS a plus. So, dig through your old photos, and find some good ones. We’ll feature our favorites every week. Submit your pictures directly to

140814 tbt

August 7, 2014: A look back at technology!

For the first #ThrowbackThursday post of the new school year, it seems right to reflect on how much has changed over the years! We found this picture above from the 1950 Albuquerque HS television studio, where the students pictured above report that they were the FIRST high school group in America to broadcast a television performance! Boy, was technology crazy in 1950! TV, radio, and mail service! Today, we have SnapChat, KIK, WhatsApp, Twitter, IG, etc. What’s your favorite technology in 2014? #TBT #WayBack #Perspective #GoBulldogs #AHS

Picture courtesy of "Education in Albuquerque," by Ann Piper (2014)

140807 tbt

May 15, 2014 - Share your graduation advice with the Class of 2014.

In honor of our APS Graduation Week, we have decided to do something slightly different - but special - with today's "Throwback Thursday."

We want to #ThrowbackThursday to when YOU were a high school graduate. What do you wish you knew then, that you know today? Help us get interactive -- and #ShareYourGradAdvice with the graduating Class of 2014.

If you have a token of advice, or piece of wisdom, we would like you to share it with us on Facebook, tweet it to us on Twitter, comment on our Instagram page, or you may email your thoughts to our communications team, and we will continue to post these gems on social media in the coming weeks.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy this post as much as we do.

tbt share your grad advice

May 8, 2014 - A look back at the graduating Class of 2014: Jackson MS 8th grade class trip in NYC 2010

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday picture is a fun one — it’s the Jackson Middle School students on the Washington DC/New York City 8th Grade trip from 2010 in NYC Times Square! It’s crazy to think how much changes in just four years…. These students will all be graduating next week as part of the Class of 2014! Congratulations! #ClassOf2014 #TBT #ThatHair

050814 Class 2010 trip

May 1, 2014 - Learning about Sputnik in 1957

Today's #ThrowbackThursday picture comes to us from the new book, “Education in Albuquerque,” by Wilson MS principal, Ann Piper. The United States received a “wake up call” in October of 1957 when the Russians launched Sputnik. A sudden interest in science and math swept across America’s schools, and Albuquerque – home to Sandia Labs – was no exception. Pictured here are APS students from the 1950's demonstrating their skills.

140501 TBT Sputnik

April 24, 2014 -- 1969 Albuquerque Aerial View

Happy #ThrowbackThursday! This picture is an aerial view of one of our high schools, taken in 1969! Can you guess which one? Eldorado! Crazy how so much has changed in the last 45 years!

140424 TBT

April 10, 2014 - A long history of APS pride!

Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Today's submission comes to us from Celine Lopez, the technology teacher at Helen Cordero Primary School.

Celine writes, "This pictures is of me in my first official year as an APS teacher, 1981-82, at Carlos Rey (my first year was as a UNM intern at Kirtland Elem., 1980-81).

The second child, top row, blue dress, white collar is Melanie Chavez. She grew up and by CHANCE was my student teacher,  6 or 7 years ago, I think. She is now teaching at Sierra Vista Elementary School and we are still in contact. I am also in contact with other grown, former students, on Facebook, as they have "found" me and contacted me, saying I "... was their favorite teacher". They have blessed me with this and other group photos taken when they were in my class.   :-) I have also included pictures of Melanie and I and how we look now. We are both still teaching for APS. #APSPride."

Thank you for this wonderful submission, Celine. We love how social media can bring us all so much closer together -- and we certainly love your #APSPride!


140410 TBT

April 3, 2014 -- Guess Who! (Happy National Assistant Principals Week Style)

We’ve decided it’s time for another "Guess Who" edition! In honor of National Assistant Principals Week, today we are featuring one of our amazing APS Assistant Principals, in this picture from 1978!

The assistant principal in this picture is with his Albuquerque High School DECA chapter getting ready to take their bus to Carlsbad for the DECA State competition.

UPDATE: If you guessed Larry D'Anza, Assistant Principal at Sandia HS, you are correct! Thanks for this great picture!


140403 TBT



March 27, 2014:

Today's #ThrowbackThursday post is of our first class of #APSSelflessSeniors ever, in 2008. Today, we will honor 27 outstanding individuals as they join this elite group of selfless high school seniors from throughout our great district and Albuquerque. We want to say an extra special thank you for all you do. Congratulations to the 2014 class of APS Selfless Seniors and congratulations to our long, outstanding history of success with this wonderful program. #WeAreAPS

2008 Selfless Seniors

March 20, 2014:

In honor of national Sunshine Week, we have decided to highlight one of APS's many past awards for outstanding transparency in government websites as today's #ThrowbackThursday post. In the past three years, not only has APS received this award, but we have received an A+ on our level of transparency and accessibility of our public information. We are very proud of these achievements and we are happy to share this as today's #TBT.

We'll keep you posted if we hear anything on our 2014 award status!

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