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The NM PED requires two Test Security trainings per year for school staff. These include:

  • Test Security (Fall – available Oct 1, 2017)
  • Test Administration/Security (Winter/Spring – available Feb 1, 2018)

In order to be prepared to administer State tests school staff will need to complete both trainings annually.


Test Security Training - Online in Canvas

APS Testing offers Test Security and Test Administration Training online in Canvas. Please log in through .

The three courses include:


Test Security & Test Administration (School Test Coordinator) For School Test Coordinators (STCs) and Principals
Test Security & Test Administration (Test Administrator) TAs: Teachers, Librarians, Counselors, and Interventionists
Test Security & Test Administration (Staff) For EAs, proctors, security employees who unlock rooms with testing materials.


School Test Coordinators (STCs) ONLY need to complete the highest course, which is designed for School Test Coordinators. With the successful completion of the online course and the brief quiz, you will be able to print your test security certificate of completion.


Test Administration/Security Training Process:


    • Review the course content online and complete the quiz by the deadline.

INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING (For proctors who do not have an aps login. Also can be provided for new Test Administrators (TAs)

    • New TAs should complete the online content and quiz first.
    • Meet with your school test coordinator if you have any clarifying questions and require information on school specific processes for administering secure tests. Provide in person training for school proctors.
    • Complete the non-disclosure form and submit to Claudine Sanchez – Testing Services.
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