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Ready for PARCC?

The PARCC testing period has been shorted to four weeks for 2017-2018 school year. Testing will be April 16-May 11, 2018.

Estimated Number of Devices

What We Have Done

Network (Installed this summer)

• 145 Routers
• 2443 Switches
• 3182 NJ 1000’s


• Tech Coordinators
• Support Matrix


• Scheduling and importance

PARRC Capacity Planning

This shows the estimated computer/devices needed at each school

Other Resources

PARCC FAQs (pdf)


Ready for PARCC (pdf presentation)


Issues – What we have heard

  • Not enough computers at each location
  • Training needed for Tech/Testing Coordinators
  • No point of contact identified
  • Not enough support staff at the district to help guide schools through online testing
  • Caching server issues
  • Mac and Window updates
  • Students getting kicked off the testing session
  • “Service” desk  issues– too many places to call

Be Proactive!

Technical POC - We need a Point of Contact for all Computer Based Testing.  This will be the person that we contact and work with regarding installation of test applications, coordination of updates and the new caching setup.

# of Devices – RDA has used the Capacity Planning Tool from NM PED to determine the number of devices that you will need for your site.

Wireless – Though we DO NOT recommend wireless, have spaces identified if you intend to offer CBT testing in a wireless area

Power / Space (laptop carts):

  • Have a dedicated space(s) •Temporary hard-wired solution for laptops •Power – survey to make sure there is adequate power in the space •IF running on battery – use ½ of your laptops in the morning and the other ½ in the afternoon.

Active Directory:

  • CBT devices need to be joined to the APS Active Directory domain and users need to log on using APS domain credentials.

Things to think about:

  • Accessories
  • Practice Tests and Early training
  • Early system set up for test environments
  • Elevated service desk

Support: What We Plan To Do

  • Frequent Meetings with Principals
  • Combined monthly check-lists with RDA
  • Modified Help Desk (for the testing window)
    • Experts from RDA and Technology
    • Knowledge Base

What You Can Do Now

Meeting and working with your Tech Coordinators or your POC

  • Identify testing areas
  • Check how many machines you have that are PARCC compliant and in a testing environment (re-assessment)

Begin your own count down to PARCC

  • Technology preparedness
  • Testing staff preparedness

Begin focusing on the testing environment

  • Wired – wireless – access – partitions - accessories