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Canvas Learning Management System

Open Source Learning Management System

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) now used by APS replacing Blackboard as of September 2017. Canvas provides blended education and can be used by departments, schools and related groups to offer professional development.

Sign in to Canvas through

To sign in, use your APS sign in and password and click on Canvas.

Canvas Training

Canvas is Albuquerque Public Schools replacement for Blackboard. This training course introduces teachers to online learning pedagogy and the basic tools for building an online learning environment.

Who should take it: Teachers, administrators, and department personnel interested in learning how to use the Canvas LMS for online learning, professional development, and as a digital resource repository.

*This is a Blended Learning Experience with the first (2) weeks of the course being self-paced and ONLINE. There will be a final day face-to-face lab day to wrap up the course.

Canvas Online Teacher Basics Course

This is a Blended Learning course with the first 2 weeks self-paced & online (Dates: Oct 16th-Oct 31st). There is a face-to-face lab on the final day of the training (Date: Nov 1st) that is required for final credit.



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