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Posted January 20, 2015

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All About Trivia Crack

Learn more about this free downloadable app.

Trivia Crack is the latest mobile app sensation to break the Internet.

Trivia Crack is an app that allows users to test their trivia knowledge while competing against friends. Modeled after popular games such as Trivial Pursuit, Trivia Crack became the most downloaded game in December 2014 from the Apple App store.

The game's questions are based on 6 knowledge categories: Entertainment, Art, History, Science, Geography, and Sports; similar to the original game of Trivia Pursuit. The game has 6 cartoon characters, one to represent each category (for example, a test tube to represent the Science category, or a globe to represent the Geography category). The objective of a Classic-mode game is to answer questions correctly, and in doing so, obtain all 6 characters before the user's opponent does.

A player may start a new game by pressing the New Game button on the app. They can choose to play against one of their Facebook friends, or they can play against a random opponent.

For more information about Trivia Crack, visit Common Sense Media's review

To play against a Facebook friend, the game requires the user to connect the app to their Facebook account. If a user chooses not to connect their account to Facebook, the user can compete against a random opponent.

To keep your child safe while playing this game, make sure their public username is nondescript and does not provide revealing information (e.g. "GameBoy007" as compared to "Mark11fromABQ").

There is an open-chat feature with your opponent in each game, so, if you are playing against a stranger, be wary of that functionality.


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