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Student Information Systems (SIS) News
SIS Perspective Newsletter
Released April 21, 2014
SIS Perspective Newsletter
Released April 8th, 2014
SIS Perspective Newsletter
Released March 12th, 2014
APS News
Going Up?
You’ll need patience, or you might want to take the stairs, while the elevators at City Centre are being rebuilt over the next several months.
Throwback Thursday: Picture of the Week
April 24, 2014 -- 1969 Albuquerque Aerial View
May Day Festival & Plant Sale to Benefit APS Growing Gardens
The event sponsored by Skarsgard Farms on May 3 will support the program that teaches students how to start and maintain gardens at their schools.
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Student Information Systems (SIS)

Contact Information

Physical Address:
6400 Uptown Blvd. NE
Suite 400 East
Albuquerque 87110 Map

Phone: (505) 872-6847
Fax: (505) 872-6860


Full staff listing

SIS_LogoOur Role: The Student Information Systems Department is responsible for collecting, maintaining and reporting student information. SIS is currently implementing a new data collection system from SchoolMax to Edupoint's Synergy. SIS is responsible for migrating that student data to AIMS, APS's Instructional Management System, which takes the data and transforms it to information staff can use to drive instruction.

Our Mission: Ensure the collection, management, storage and accessibility of student information is efficient, effective and provided accurately and timely to key stakeholders for informed decision making while maintaining strict standards of confidentiality.

Our Vision: Take the collected data elements and create useable, meaningful information to aide the district in making informed decisions.

Contact Us

Main Physical Address:
6400 Uptown Blvd. NE
Suite 400 East
Albuquerque 87110 Map

Main Phone: (505) 872-6847

Main Fax: (505) 872-6860

Main Email:


Person Title Phone Email
Shayne Kendall Director (505) 872-6847
John Komesu I&A Technical Support (505) 872-6837
Christine Cervantes Manager, School Support (505) 872-6859
Jude Garcia Senior Analyst, School Support (505) 872-6826
Patti Salaz Analyst IV, School Support/Master Scheduling (505) 872-6834
Kim Cleland Analyst, School Support (505) 872-6831
Charlene Tisch Analyst, School Support (505) 872-6827
Andy Gutierrez Manager, System Analysis, Development & Reporting (505) 872-6854
Brian Rieb Manager, SIS Applications (505) 855-9824
Debbie Chavez Senior Systems Analyst (505) 872-6856
Don Jarrett Systems Analyst III (505) 872-6819
Rosylene Sanchez Systems Analyst III (505) 872-6855
Gene Lies Systems Analyst I (505) 872-6857
Bryan Cockrell Manager, Instructional Mgt & Data Systems (505) 872-6825
Frank Garcia Systems Analyst III, AIMS/SIS/Web (505) 872-6846
Dolores Chavez de Daigle Manager, State Accountability & Reporting (505) 872-6851
Lisa Hada Coordinator, State Accountability & Reporting (Charters) (505) 872-6828
Steve Burford Senior Data Analyst, State Accountability & Reporting (505) 872-6853
John Cuellar Data Analyst II, State Accountability & Reporting (505) 872-6979
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