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Posted September 5, 2017

Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment

Deadline to enroll is Sept. 30 for members of the teachers, secretarial/clerical and educational assistants unions.

The Sick Leave Bank is available to employees covered by the negotiated agreements for:

  • Albuquerque Teacher’s Federation
  • Albuquerque Educational Assistant Association
  • Albuquerque Secretarial/Clerical Association.

Respective negotiated agreements provide this benefit to participants who are experiencing a catastrophic illness or injury and who will exhaust all accrued leave (personal, sick, annual). Application for benefits from the Sick Leave Bank must be made prior to the exhaustion of available leave in order to ensure no interruption of pay.

Each eligible employee must complete the APS Sick Leave Bank Enrollment form authorizing payroll deductions for membership in the Bank.

Employees on leave of absence are not eligible to enroll.

Members returning from leave of absence should verify their re-enrollment with the Sick Leave Bank specialist. Part-time employees are also eligible for enrollment.

Current members don't need to re-enroll. 

Bi-weekly payroll deductions as stated on the enrollment form are continuous and subject to committee review annually. Current rates for membership in the Sick Leave Bank are listed below:

  • Employees covered by the Albuquerque Teachers Federation: Pay $5.75 per paycheck.
  • Employees covered by the Albuquerque Secretarial/Clerical Association: Pay $5.50 per paycheck.
  • Employees covered by the Albuquerque Educational Assistants Association: Pay $5.25 per paycheck.

Sick Leave Bank policies and procedures are located on the APS website at, Extended Leaves and Sick Leave Bank, or at

Questions regarding the Sick Leave Bank may be directed to Loretta Olson, Sick Leave Bank Specialist, at 889-4858.


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