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Posted April 11, 2011

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Retirement: Gary Cherniak, Speech Language Pathologist

Gary Cherniak is retiring from APS after 31 years of service.  He worked as an elementary SLP at many APS schools including, Alvarado, Stapleton, Susie Rayos Marmon, and Petroglyph.

After retiring, Gary plans on having adventures with his beautiful wife, Rose, and their two amazing children Bryce and Sierra.  He plans on spending more time hiking, biking, drawing, painting, gardening, couch surfing, and Gary also has plans to see the world!

His favorite APS memory is that he tried to get Debbie Birkhauser to hire him when she opened Petroglyph in 1993.  She was looking for a diverse staff.  She hired someone else, so Gary met with her to convince Debbie how diverse he really was.   She added Gary to the staff the following year and he has been there ever since!

His amazing outlook on life and fun filled spirit will be greatly missed next fall!

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