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Posted April 25, 2013

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Peter Espinosa, Principal, Kirtland ES

Peter Espinosa is retiring after 20 years as the principal at Kirtland Elementary and 34 years with APS.

Espinosa started his APS career as a fourth grade teacher at Apache Elementary. After his first year of teaching, he moved to fifth grade, where he taught for the next 13 years. He then received his master's degree at UNM as Danforth Scholar. He spent a year as assistant principal at Puesta del Sol Elementary before Rio Rancho had its own school district before becoming principal at Kirtland in 1993.

During his three years as president of the Academy of Educational Leadership (AEL), Espinosa developed and implemented the Extra Support for Principals (ESP), one of the longest-running mentoring programs for principals in the country. It was so successful APS absorbed into its operational budget and it is currently in practice in the district. He also was responsible for the AEL Summer Institute. Espinosa was one of the first cluster leaders in the Highland Cluster, when APS used that system, and mentored numerous first-year principals.

Espinosa loves teaching and learning and has been committed in various ways. He was a telemark ski instructor for Sandia Peak for about 25 years. He also taught cross-country touring with Continuing Education for 10 years. During that time, he and other ski instructors were responsible for the Chama Chili Race. He was an instructor for the adaptive ski program for eight years.

Espinosa will miss all of the great individuals in APS he has had the honor of working with and the great work of teaching and learning. Most of all, he will miss the students.

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