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Posted December 19, 2012

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Francine Shed, Assistive Technology Library

Francine Shed is originally from Oklahoma. After raising her daughter, she moved to Denver and then to the mountains in the Aspen area. Here she enjoyed watching eagles, foxes, and wild turkeys up close.

For more than five years, Francine has been supporting Aztec Complex. In addition, she has worked as a secretary at Sierra Alternative School, and prior to that, she was at Lowell Elementary, assisting the school clerk and secretary. Altogether, Francine has worked with Albuquerque Public Schools for six years.

Francine currently helps run the Assistive Technology Library at Aztec Complex. She works with occupational, physical and speech therapists and language professionals, as well as teachers and educational assistants. As staff members come to the library looking for basic assistive technology equipment, Francine will listen and then suggest an aid that will help their student communicate more easily. She has been an asset to the lending library, making sure the devices work well for individual students.

She also works with the audiology department at Taylor Middle School as a part-time secretary. Francine facilitates the referral process for students who need to be seen by a school audiologist by helping schedule appointments with the students and families. She said she really enjoys and admires the special education staff because they are so dedicated and creative in how they can support the students despite shrinking school budgets.

Francine shares that she has enjoyed living in Albuquerque. She appreciates the blending of cultures and she likes the great weather. “There are no tornadoes!” she said. And she finds the people here really nice and friendly.

As for her retirement plans? Francine will work on her sister‘s organic farming operation at the Dancing Horse Farm in Stillwater, Okla.

Francine says, "Life is all about moving on. It's a journey."

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