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Posted February 9, 2012

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Anndra McCorkle, Atrisco Heritage Academy

Anndra McCorkle retired at the end of June 2011 after more than a quarter of a century with APS. 

During her 26 years, McCorkle enjoyed a broad range of experiences from an educational assistant, general and special education teacher, to a Master Level III mentor teacher. During the last five years of her career, McCorkle enjoyed mentoring and providing new teacher training support for first-year teachers.

For the last three years of her career, McCorkle worked at Atrisco Heritage Academy where she served as the chair of the Elective Department, computer graphics and visual fine arts teacher, and sponsor of the BSU (Black Student Union).

Today, McCorkle continues her quest for mastery and excellence in the field of education and looks forward to directing a music school from her home, teaching internationally, and/or teaching with the Navajo Nation.

McCorkle holds a dual licensure (masters of art) in the field of art and special education. In addition to APS, she has taught art for the University of New Mexico and Rio Rancho.

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