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Posted January 28, 2016

NM Weight Loss Jackpot Challenge

Albuquerque Public Schools, Central New Mexico and University of New Mexico are joining forces to lose weight!

The Jackpot Challenge - a fun and simple weight loss game - starts February 1st!

Get inspired by team Breaking Fat who lost 75 pounds, or 8.76% of their weight, and won $138.22 each in a recent challenge.  This team of co-workers has been working together for nearly 15 years. Knowing each other well they were confident they would reach the 6%. To stay on track, they either met or did a conference call once a week as long as a weigh-in on Mondays. They picked this day because they knew they would have to be more accountable about what they ate on the weekends. Read about their, and other team’s success here.

 How it works

  • Each participant puts $20/month for 3-months ($60 into the pot)

  • The pot grows with each player that joins the challenge

  • Your goal: get your team of 3-5 to lose an average of 6% in 12 weeks

  • Every team that hits the weight loss goal splits the pot - if your team hits the goal, you are guaranteed a payout!

  • Register today!

  • You can invite your family and friends too!

  • Starts February 1st




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