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Posted March 8, 2012

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Teacher Testing Administration Strategies

Here are some helpful points for teachers to remember during the SBAs

Before Test Administration

• Notify students of the test dates in advance.

• Explain the purposes for testing.

• Create an uncluttered testing environment.

• Become familiar with the materials and procedures to be used with the tests.

• Identify which students may need and/or be eligible for test accommodations.

• Read the Test Administration Manual carefully for instructions and information.

• When pre-coding student-specific data on the answer documents, be sure to read and follow coding instructions completely and carefully.

• Encourage all students to be present on test dates. 


During Test Administration

• Read the directions to the students carefully.

• Expect every student to read all test content material without assistance unless otherwise noted in the Test Administration Manual.

• Do not read the test aloud, unless specifically instructed to do so in state manuals or for student test accommodations.

• Monitor to ensure that students mark answers in the proper area of the answer sheet.

• Anticipate and eliminate test disruptions.

• Make sure students work independently. 


After Test Administration

• Collect and account for all test materials.

• Assure student demographic information on the answer documents is marked accurately.

• Document any absent students and arrange for them to make-up tests, if possible.

• Adhere to all test return instructions.

• Analyze test reports for instructional strengths and weaknesses.

• Develop a plan to modify instructional strategies to address any identified test weaknesses.




Source:  APS instructional coordinators

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