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Posted October 17, 2013

Note: This news item is more than a year old. Browse for more current news.

Seeking Your APS #ThrowbackThursday Pictures

We're looking for old pictures to feature each week on our social channels.

As we continue to ramp up our inbound and outbound communication efforts district-wide, we are working towards having a little more fun and (hopefully) making our content more interesting and relevant to you.

So, with that, we are currently seeking your #ThrowbackThursday pictures (#tbt). We will be posting them on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, and yes, now Instagram).

We would like to have fun with this, and we would like YOU to have fun with this. We are looking for the oldest pictures you can find, or maybe just a #tbt picture you took last year or even last week. We are working hard to better communicate the story of the APS district and the rich history of our schools, staff, students and community members.

You can send all #ThrowbackThursday pictures (with captions/stories) to the new APS social media strategist, Maralyn Beck at

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