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Posted May 3, 2012

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Removal of Personal Electronic Devices

Employees are asked to refrain from connecting personal electronic devices to the APS network.

All APS employees must refrain from connecting any personal electronic devices with the APS network, effective immediately. This decision was made by the APS Leadership Team.

This means any employee-owned electronics including laptops, hard drives, printers, phones and software may not be connected to the APS network or plugged into Internet jacks or APS-owned equipment. For the time being, thumb drives are excepted.

Keeping personal devices away from the district network is considered an IT best practice. It helps keep the network secure by minimizing exposure to potential viruses and preventing their spread. Also, it allows the district to appropriately manage its resources, adhere to hardware and software license agreements and efficiently support its own computing devices.

As part of APS’ Print Optimization Initiative, it’s estimated that using shared network printers instead of personal printers, copiers and fax machines will save the district $9 million over five years by reducing energy use and toner cartridge and paper costs.

If you have any questions, please contact the APS Help Desk at 830-8080.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Lynn Harris, APS Chief Information Officer 

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