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Posted February 23, 2012

Purchasing Deadlines for 2011-12

Follow these deadlines so that vendors get paid by June 22, before the fiscal year ends

We're getting close to the end of the fiscal year, and it's time to start working toward the year-end fiscal closing process. To ensure that vendors are paid for goods received and services rendered in the correct fiscal period (for this year, before June 22, 2012), the Finance Department is establishing purchasing deadlines. Please note that this year’s deadlines are earlier than normal in order to accommodate the change to the Lawson 9.0 system upgrade. The Finance staff is committed to making this procedure as easy as possible and will consider justifiable exceptions to these deadlines on a case by case basis.

Listed below are the purchase requisition deadlines for the following types of expenditures:

Type of Expenditure

Deadline to Enter and Release Requisitions

Deadline for Site

Administrator Approval

Instructional Materials (FY 2011-2012)

TBD – Processed at the District Level

TBD – Processed at the District Level

Instructional Materials (FY 2012-2013 to receive goods by the start of school)

TBD – Processed at the District Level

TBD – Processed at the District Level

All Purchase Orders ( in-district and out-of-district)*

March 30, 2012

April 5, 2012

School-Based Capital Funds Purchase Orders ( in-district and out-of-district)*

March 30, 2012

April 5, 2012

Purchasing Card Purchases**

March 30, 2012

April 5, 2012

BPO’s and Check Requests

April 20, 2012

April 27, 2012


May 11, 2012

May 18, 2012

Internal Orders Including Office Services and Warehouse Requisitions

May 18, 2012

May 25, 2012

*There are no longer separate deadlines for in-district and out-of-district purchases.

**Cardholders are responsible for insuring that budget balances are adequate to cover all purchases and that the final statement is reconciled prior to leaving for the summer.

These deadlines affect the following funds:

  • Operational (1100, 1300)
  • Grants Management (2401,  2406 , 2499, 2599, 2699, 2799, 2899, 2999)
    Grant carryover funds cannot be guaranteed. As a result, all grant-funded expenditures must be paid by June 22, 2012. If you anticipate having any outstanding encumbrances at the end of the fiscal year, it is your responsibility to contact Grant Management to insure that 2012-2013 funds will be available to cover all expenditures.
  • Special Revenue (2100, 2200)
  • School-Based Capital Funds (3110, 3111, 3130, 3140,3160, 3161, 3170)
    Any remaining capital fund budget will carry over into the new fiscal year (Non school-based funds are not affected by the deadline in the table above).   There is an exception for any projects that relates to company 3140 with a June 30, 2012 reversion date and is addressed further in “Legislative Appropriations (3140)”.
  • Legislative Appropriations (3140) and 2799/Pre-K
    • Legislative Appropriations (3140) with a revert date of 06/30/2012
      • By 4/30/2012
        1. Open purchase orders (POs) – services must be completed and materials received
        2. Invoices are due to Accounts Payable for processing
      • By 5/21/2012
        1. All invoices must be paid 
    • Legislative Appropriations (3140and 2799/Pre-K) with a revert date in future years
      All other DFAs with a revert date in future years do not require the above deadlines.  Remaining balances will roll forward into the new fiscal year.
  • Risk Management-Internal Services Fund (7101)
    This fund does not close out and is not subject to above deadlines.
  • Construction Services-Internal Services Fund (7102)
    This fund closes out at the end of each fiscal year. Expenditures are reclassified and reported in other funds. Budgets will not carry forward to the next fiscal year and are subject to all applicable spending deadlines defined above.

Instructional Materials

Information regarding Instructional Materials (1400) for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 will be published at a later date due to the delay in determining legislative funding levels and direction from the NM Public Education Department and district.

Payroll Transactions

The final payroll period for the 2011-2012 fiscal year ends on June 22, 2012.  All absence sheets must be submitted by June 13, 2012 in order to meet this deadline and disburse payment on June 29, 2012.  All hourly time sheets, sub pay and overtime for June 2 through June 8 are due June 13 and will be paid on June 29, 2012.  Hourly time sheets, sub pay and overtime for June 9 through June 15 are due June 15 and will be paid with a special check run on July 6, 2012. There are no exceptions to these deadlines.

Inter-Function Budget Transfers

The deadline for submitting inter-function budget transfers is March 9, 2012. This deadline is to provide sufficient time for the required approvals from the APS Board and PED. Inter-function transfers involve moving funds from one budget function to another, for example, from Direct Instruction (0xxx8501000) to Instructional Support (0xxx1022400). Please call the Budget Office or Grant Management if you need additional clarification on this issue.

Requisitions entered into Lawson after the deadlines will not be approved.

Complying with these deadlines will allow enough time for those ordering to receive goods/ services and have Accounts Payable issue a check prior to the end of the fiscal year.

In order for payment to be made from your current year budget (2011-12) and a check to be issued by June 22, 2012:

  • all orders must be received on the financial system (screen PO30.1) ;
  • all invoices must be submitted to Accounts Payable by 5:00 pm, June 15, 2012, and;
  • any additional requested documentation must be submitted to Accounts Payable by 5:00 pm, June 15, 2012:

Please follow up periodically with Accounts Payable to insure payment of all expenditures.

Payments made after June 22, 2012 will be applied against your 2012-2013 budgets.

Please contact Procurement, Budget, Grant Management or Accounts Payable for assistance to ensure that all obligations are met by the end of the fiscal year.

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