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Posted August 15, 2013

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No Copy Limit for Teachers, Schools

While APS asks that employees not be wasteful, the district also recognizes that copies are an essential tool in the classroom and schools.

There seems to be some confusion about copy limitations this school year. There are NO copy limits for teachers and schools at this time. And teachers will NOT have to pay for copies out of their own pocket.

While the district is asking that APS employees not be wasteful, we also recognize that copies are an essential tool in the classroom and schools. We also realize that the recent implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the new teacher evaluation is probably going to increase the need for copies this school year.

To get a better handle on how many copies we make each year, all schools were given a copy budget allocation this school year. However, the district will work with schools that find that the allotted amount isn’t enough to cover their copying needs.

We have formed a Print Program Committee to take a closer look at the printer/copier issue, and we are currently working on print guidelines that we hope will help everyone meet their copying needs.

In an effort to save money, we are asking that teachers and schools send large projects that aren’t time sensitive to the Print Center run by APS Graphics Enterprise Services. More information on the Print Center is available at

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