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Posted January 10, 2012

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Most APS Employees Take Online Health Survey, Keep Insurance Premiums from Rising

Those who complete a personal health profile can connect with a private health coach to help keep New Year’s resolutions of getting healthy and fit.

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About 9,500 APS employees and their spouses/domestic partners were able to keep insurance costs down by filling out a comprehensive personal health profile recently.

Most of those insured through APS who didn’t participate in the online survey will see a monthly premium increase of $20 to $40. That increase will be reflected in the first paycheck of the year tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 13.

About 80 percent of APS employees and spouses insured through the district filled out the optional personal health profile last fall consisting of a series of questions about health and wellness. The profile is a part of the district’s effort to improve employee health and keep insurance costs from rising.

Additional Life Insurance Deductions in Employee Paychecks
Beginning Jan. 13, 2012

Employees who opted for additional life insurance during the fall’s open enrollment will see a change in paycheck deductions beginning Friday, Jan. 13.  As of Jan. 1, all full-time APS employees are covered with $10,000 in basic life insurance at no cost to the employee. Employees had the option of signing up for additional coverage of up to $400,000.

Those who chose not to fill out the survey will see an increase in health benefits of $20 a month per employee and another $20 a month for spouses/domestic partners insured through the district. The exception is for employees who already are paying $20 to $40 more each month for health insurance because they didn’t participate in biometric health screenings last year.

Employees who don’t have APS health insurance weren’t required to participate in the screenings or online survey.

Those who participated in the personal health profile have the option of connecting with a private health coach who can provide them with information, motivation and tools to help make healthy lifestyle changes. They can talk to their coaches as often as they’d like via phone, email or instant messaging on such topics as weight management, fitness and exercise, smoking cessation and stress management.
The coaches can help employees set personal health goals, create an action plan and stay on track. They can follow up with the health coach as often as they’d like until they reach their goal.

The health coaches and online resources are free to those who complete the profile.

To get health coaching, to to and log in.

Employees covered for medical through APS who didn't fill out the online health survey can still do so if they're interested in connecting with a private health coach.

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